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Specialist 4WD Driver Training

Services for Recreational 4WD users.
(Corporate & Government courses currently on hold)

Protect the safety of your employees while reducing vehicle downtime and costs due to breakdowns and preventable accidents. As specialist 4WD driver trainers, we provide your staff with the skills and knowledge to competently operate 4WD vehicles in the field, to avoid dangerous situations and safely recover vehicles if things don't go to plan.

Professional 4WD Instruction

1 Day Recreational 4WD Private Course

1 Day Recreational 4WD Private Course

$450 for two people in one vehicle 

BYO vehicle, lunch and drinks, enclosed shoes, sunhat, sunscreen, insect repelent, recovery gear.

Specifically designed to give 4WD owners a full understanding of how their vehicle operates and to massively increase confidence in 4WDing skills.

Covering a range of topics in this 1 day private course, from how your 4WD system works, to hill driving, to water crossing, sand driving and safe vehicle recoveries.

Hands on, with minimal class time. Up to 2 drivers in 1 vehicle get to both experience all the obstacles with personal tuition. The course can be modified to suit your abilities.

The course is held on a bush property near Rockhampton or in Byfield National Park.

The course generally runs from 9:00am to 4:30pm. 

Small groups of up to 4 vehicles with 2 drivers in each can be accommodated on request.

Robyn's Training Review

Summer's Training Day at Five Rocks

Past Projects

Our relevant experience includes training of Government, Corporate and Military clients.

Over the last 4 years while working for Great Divide Tours 4WD Driver Training in NSW, Tony has been involved in training a wide range of corporate customers including National Parks and Wildlife, State Emergency Service, ADF, AFP, Snowy Hydro, ABS, Regional Councils, Power supply, spraying contractors, gas and oil exploration, archeologists and geologists. Hundreds of private recreational 4WD users also came away from training over this time with a huge boost in confidence in the operation of their vehicles. Below are details of just a few of the larger organisations Tony was involved in training.

Tony holds a Certificate IV in 4WD training and assessing. He also has extensive knowledge and experience of practical 4WD use in the field, having lead multiple tag-along tours into remote and isolated locations all over Australia for up to a month at a time with up to 8 customer vehicles.

Find out more about our Past Projects

Tony has been involved in Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment training for the AFP for 4 years during his role as 4WD Instructor in NSW. The staff members trained were not only active members of the Police, but also AFP Police Rescue, DFAT, foreign associates, and disaster relief advisors.

These staff members are often required to travel to the Pacific Islands at short notice in the event of natural disasters to render assistance. Generally operating in less than ideal conditions, they must be able to confidently operate a range of different 4WD types.

Nationally recognised training was also provided by Tony to the combined members of the Australian Defence Force before their deployment to South Sudan in Africa. Due to the extreme nature of the country, both climatic and the population, ADF members had to be confident in the operation of 4WDs in all kinds of situations.

From the feedback we received from military staff who went there on deployment, our training proved to be very beneficial, as their location is usually either a dust bowl or a mud hole, depending on the season.

Tony was involved in “training the trainers” on several occasions over his 4 years when he was employed at Great Divide Tours 4WD Training Centre in NSW. Specific duties in this role required Tony to advise on appropriate 4WD and recovery techniques and act as safety officer while the SES trainers gained their qualification by actually training their staff members.
Below is a testimonial from one of the SES training coordinators.  

Client Testimonial - Steve Wheatley, ACT State Emergency Service
To whom it may concern.
My name is Stephen Wheatley. I am a member of the NSW State Emergency Service (SES) Queanbeyan unit, have been for 7 years and was for a period of time a training Co-ordinator within the unit. My role was to provide the required training to enable members of the unit to carry out their duties depending on their qualifications. One of the qualifications required for members was the need to be able to operate safely and correctly a 4WD vehicle. These courses were sometimes held in house with trainers provided by the unit or other units. However, on occasions and to keep up to date with the latest advances in 4WD technologies and techniques, we did source our training from outside 4wd training centres.
The training centre that we used for all our outsourced training was Great Divide Tours and 4WD Training. We selected Great Divide as the staff are extremely knowledgeable in the latest technologies and techniques regarding 4WD training.
We conducted several 4WD courses at Great Divide. One of the main instructors was Tony Davys. I found Tony to be a very good instructor, his knowledge regarding 4WDing, his teaching style and his personality made it a very enjoyable experience. He didn’t just pass on his experience and knowledge of 4WD driving techniques but also vehicle preparation, trip planning, breakdown procedures and how to survive if in trouble, vehicle maintenance, plus a host of other important tips and personnel knowledge. It is due to Great Divide and more specifically Tony’s knowledge and experience that the unit has very well trained and competent 4WD operators.
I expressed an interest in becoming a 4WD instructor with the SES and as such was given the chance to instruct on a course that was being held at Great Divide’s training centre. Tony was extremely helpful by mentoring me while I was instructing on this course. It was with his help that I qualified as a 4WD instructor within the SES.
Tony has now started his on 4WD tour and training company in Rockhampton. As such I would highly recommend his company for any future 4WD theory and practical training and on any trip preparation or tours.

Steve Wheatley


208 Quay Street 
Queensland 4700